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City Fairbank
State Iowa
Zip Code 50629
Vehicle Type All
Event Type Show/Swap
Specialty All
Start Date 06/29/2013
End Date 06/29/2013

Below, you'll find additional information on the Fairbank Island Days Car Bike Show. Additionally, you can set an email reminder, view a map, and visit the web site of the Fairbank Island Days Car Bike Show (if present). For other events in Fairbank, Iowa, please click on the "Go to Event Search" button above and find events near your zip code.
Event Description

Annual Car & Bike Show located in the beautifully shaded Bentley Park next to the Wapsi river. DJ 50's 60's music & Food. Tophies & prizes. Registration 9am-2pm, Awards 3pm. Contact Roger Myers 319-635-2311, Chris Rechkemmer 319-239-8483or Russ Myers 319-939-0669.

Event Location, Time(s), and Admission
Street Address Bentley Park, Fairbank, IA
Event Days/Times Saturday 9 am - 2 pm, awards 3 pm
Admission Please contact Russ Myers at 319-939-0669 or email for details.
Event Contact Info/Sponsorship

Event Phone 319-939-0669
Event Email

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Fairbank Island Days Car Bike Show Fairbank, Iowa