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City Machesney Park
State Illinois
Zip Code 61103
Vehicle Type All
Event Type Show/Swap
Specialty All
Start Date 04/12/2014
End Date 04/13/2014

Below, you'll find additional information on the Classics and Chrome Car Show. Additionally, you can set an email reminder, view a map, and visit the web site of the Classics and Chrome Car Show (if present). For other events in Machesney Park, Illinois, please click on the "Go to Event Search" button above and find events near your zip code.
Event Description

This event is a fund raiser to benefit the Keith Country Day School Forever Keith Fund, which supports tuition grants and student program enhancements. The event has raised over one million dollars over its 14 year existence. From the funds raised, KCDS offers tuition scholarships, summer enrichment camp opportunities through Rock Valley College, and supports science teachers to serve as guest instructors at the Nicholas Conservatory. In 2013-14, KCDS offered $125,000 in scholarships to area families for school and summer programs. Previous shows have attracted over 10,000 visitors to the two day community event. Classics and Chrome is the Midwest’s premier indoor car show. Each year a new selection of over 120 vehicles are displayed making this show the most unique in the Midwest. Annually, 5000 show catalogs are printed and valued by the over 150,000 attendees the show has hosted over the last 14 years. Two cash prize raffle drawings are held. The Grand Raffle offers the chance to win over $33,000 in cash and the Super 50/50 Raffle allows the winner to receive 50% of tickets sold. A Saturday Night Special Event is held at the Nicholas Conservatory. This event is for the Keith community, Classic & Chrome Committee Members, Sponsors, Car Show participants and vendors to enjoy an evening of gourmet food, cocktails and friendly conversation. Advertising strategies have been expanded to Beloit, Janesville, Madison, Milwaukee. WGN advertising will be included in the 2014 marketing plan. Over 100 volunteers, from across the community, assist with organization of the show. Approximately 15 vendors bring their services and products for sales during the show. \ For more information, contact Diane Zammuto at, 815-399-8850, ext. 152 or 779-500-9614.

Event Location, Time(s), and Admission
Street Address Old Menards, 10253 North 2nd St., Machesney Park, IL
Event Days/Times Saturday 9 am - 7 pm, Sunday 9 am - 3 pm
Admission General Admission $8, Under 10 free
Event Contact Info/Sponsorship

Event Phone 815-399-8850
Event Email
Event Website
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Classics and Chrome Car Show Machesney Park, Illinois